The Book

Happy to Do It is a simple, yet powerful statement that has the power to change everything. This collection of stories is from Randy’s personal journey and includes humor that will have you laughing out loud. Randy has discovered the secret to building a successful life. It lies within the simple phrase “Happy to do it” and when incorporated into your life, you will see an amazing transformation unfold right before your eyes.

About Us

Elizabeth & Randy Draper
Elizabeth & Randy Draper

Randy is married to Elizabeth, his “High School Sweetheart,” and has been married since 1977. They have two adult sons, Kyle and Kevin. They are active in their home church, Milestone Church, in Keller, Texas.

Randy and Elizabeth are Diamond Executive Directors with Premier Designs, Inc. Premier Designs is a high fashion jewelry company in Irving, Texas. Randy & Elizabeth have been involved with Premier Designs since April of 1986, and have built a large business with the company. Randy works with jewelers in over 40 states, and enjoys motivating and training them to succeed, by owning their own business, meeting their financial needs, and finding true success through enriching the lives of others along the way.

We are committed to teaching and leading people to put “Service” first! “Happy To Do It” is not only an attitude, it is a way of life! It can become your default response in every situation, as you enrich the lives of others. We believe it is the life of Jesus Christ, alive in us. We pray these resources will encourage you as you encourage others.

“You can sell without serving, but you cannot serve without selling.”
Andy Horner